18 Sep 2019

Best guides for weavon business

We have 100% virgin hair, Remy hair, 100% human hair, human hair blend , and synthetic hair. 100% virgin hair is the most expensive hair you can buy and it has the highest quality. It is human donor hair with all the cuticles going in the same direction which hasn’t gone through any chemical or mechanical processing.

 Remy hair is also 100% human hair with all the cuticles going in the same direction, but it has been chemically or mechanically processed. It is also high quality hair that will last you for a long time.

100% human hair has not been mixed with synthetic hair, but it has been stripped of its cuticles and might be chemically processed. It will not last as long as 100% virgin or Remy hair.

Human blend is human hair mixed with synthetic usually in different percentage ratio

Synthetic hair has no human hair whatsoever and it’s completely synthetic and this would be considered low quality hair that won’t last for a long time.

Hair Grades

*Grade 3A*

This is low quality hair that was not properly maintained by the donor and is very thin. It it low quality hair that was not properly maintained by the donor.  This hair will shed, tangle, and mat and won’t last you for a long time.

*Grade 4A and 5A*

This is lower/medium hair grade. This hair is 100% human hair but it’s not Remy hair and the cuticles will be stripped or won’t go in the same direction. It is also going to be pretty thin and it’s highly likely that it will tangle and mat. For that reason, it won’t last for a long time, probably a couple of months. If you choose to buy this type of hair, make sure you purchase shorter lengths, not longer than 12 inches to avoid as much tangling as you can. This hair needs high maintenance since you will have to spend a lot of time using different methods to detangle it.

*Grade 6A*

Grade 6A hair should be Remy hair which means all the cuticles go in the same direction. It will have medium thickness and you’ll be able to dye it to a medium blonde color.  This type of hair could work on straight hair up to 18 inches and could last you for up to 10 months. If you take proper care of it, it could work just fine as a high quality budget hair, but if you want curly hair or hair that’s longer than 18 inches, a higher grade hair is necessary.

*Grade 7A*

Grade 7A is high quality Remy hair that has all the cuticles intact. It is pretty thick and strong and it will last for up to 18 months. This hair will shed and tangle much less than the other types.

 Grade 7A can be dyed up to a platinum blonde color and stay healthy and strong. This a good option when buying hair extension.

*Grade 8A and 9A*

Grade 8A and 9A is 100% virgin hair which means it is pure human hair from one donor that has not been processed in any way and all the cuticles are intact. The price of this hair is higher, but it’s very high quality and it can last you up to 2 years. It is much thicker than lower grade hair and it has much less short hairs mixed in the hair bundles. You can dye this hair to a completely white color. This type of hair will not tangle as much and is much easier to maintain.

*Grade 10A*

This is the highest quality hair that you can buy and it’s also the most expensive. It’s 100% unprocessed virgin hair from one donor and it’s very thick and strong. It can be dyed up to a white color and still remain healthy. If you want really long hair, or curly hair, this is a great choice. This hair won’t tangle or mat as much and it doesn't require much maintenance. It will last you for a very long time. Grade 10A is very thick and strong and it’s definitely the best hair you can buy at the moment.

 This will help you in selecting the hairs to buy from the manufacturer.  The most available grades at the moment are from 7A-10A.  Please note that you can also get lesser grades from some suppliers but they will advise you go for the higher grades.  However you know the cliche of your Customers and know the best to get for them in terms of price and quality.

There are different textures of hair you can buy.  Please note each supplier has different range of textures and sometimes different names for their textures.  In cases like this,  you can send the supplier the picture of the hair texture you want to confirm If they have it and price.

 Note that most Chinese factories have these grades available but these grades when imported into Africa are usually two levels above.

For example,  grade 10a is usually imported in as a 12a hair, grade 6a as 8a hair and likewise others .

Usually the lower grade hairs in higher developed countries are imported in as medium grade hairs to Nigeria.

Most suppliers will advise you get 10a grade if you want very good hair.

Single Drawn hair has different lengths of hair mixed together, the thick hair at the top and thin at the end.  Double drawn hair contains hair that is all the same length.  The hair is usually thick and full from top to bottom compared to the single drawn.



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