8 Sep 2019

Getting compensation for accidents at work

If you are injured at work your interests are protected by law in two ways, whether the accident was your fault or the employers

You can sue your employer for damages, provided that you can prove that the accident was fully or partly the fault either of the employer, or another employee, for whose carelessness the employer was responsible.

Whichever action you take , you should report your accident as soon as possible to your employer or a supervisor or safety officer. In the event of being too badly injured to do it yourself, then someone should do it for you. If you work in a factory then all details of an accident must be entered in the accident book. If you work in an office or shop where there may be no accident book, write a leteer to your employer giving details of the accident.

A worker injured in an industrial accident should see his doctor, even if the injury doesn't seem serious enough to keep him off work. This is important in case of complications arising later, then if unable to work your doctor will you a medical certificate.

Work rights

It is best when applying for a job to get all the aspects of it agreed on with your prospective employer before you decide to take it, because it will be too late when you have started the job.

You should know whether sick pay is part of the contract.

Check if the pension rights are transferable to a new firm if you change jobs and the amounts contributed by your employer and yourself to the pension scheme.

Getting compensation for unfair dismissal

Anyone dismissed from his job may have grounds to claim compensation. If you are told to leave without good reason, you can claim unfair dismissal. You can sue for damages if compensation are not met. In law an employee can rightfully be dismissed on the grounds of his work, or because he is no longer coming to work

An employer who is sacked because the work for which he was employed has stopped is known as redundant, they are entitled by law to redundance payment

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