16 Sep 2019

Guides to Investing in mini poultry practices

The qualitative aspect of food rests on our ability to provide needed protein of both fish and animal origin. The sector contributes to the wealth of the country and supplies the important animal protein, which are needed for healthy living of citizens.

Mini venture catfish rearing

Catfish does has a carnivorous diet since it feeds on insects, worms that are close to the river (or pond), along with amphibians such as frogs and newts and occasionally small reptiles and mammals.

Catfish farmer also need to be aware that some enemies as well prey on catfish, depending on its size and specie.

If you don`t know about these predators, your catfish farming business may end in woe.

Bigger fishes, bigger reptiles, mammals and even birds could kill and eat catfish… if situation accommodates their presence together.

Fish is a very delicate animal, just like chickens. You have to watch out for symptoms of diseases.

When you observe symptoms like inactivity, loss of colour, frayed fins, bloated body, cloud eyes, open sores, red streaks throughout body, difficult breathing, reddening or inflammation of skin etc., you can suspect bacterial infections.

Fungal infections (often secondary to another type of illness) could reveal symptoms such as: scratching, erratic swimming, darting, etc.

Parasitic infections could reveal symptoms such as: loss of appetite, visible spots or worms, rapid breathing, scratching, inactivity, excess mucus or film on body, etc.

All these possible diseases require that a catfish farmer pays attention to details.

Disease is your single biggest enemy that stands against the success of your catfish farming business because disease outbreak could lead to loss of a whole catfish farm.

Mini Snail rearing

Snail farming is a slow but stable way of making money. I can however maximize your margins by integrating mixed organic farming into the mix.

Feeding is the single most important factor in snail farming. Snails are easy to feed, they will feed on nearly every organic food source that is non-toxic, not hairy/waxy including leaves, fruits, vegetables, tubers and household wastes (that contain no Table Salt.
Common food sources include fruits and veggies like banana, melon, cabbage, carrot, pawpaw, lettuce, cucumber, potato, pumpkin, plantain etc. Some people formulate special feeds for snails but you have to outweigh the cons with the pro.  Think of cheaper sources! Fruit markets, gardens and even the bush behind your house. The type of housing and the scope of your farm will ultimately determine your source and type of feeds. In that respect, contact me. Consultancy is not expensive.

Snail business does not require any form of skill, age level or experience to start; even a secondary school student can embark on snail farming/business.

Snails are in high demand locally and internationally.

 Snail business can be done on part time bases from the comfort of your home,Start-up capital is very low.

The common and biggest of all is the Archachatina Maginata, which is otherwise called, Giant African Snail. This type is readily found in dump places, under leaves and is the biggest of the entire snail available.

Snail farming is a major aspect of agriculture, which though not yet maximized in Nigeria, can go a
long way in supporting other forms of animal farming such as cattle rearing, poultry and fish farming.

If you want a practical book on scientific snail farming please contact us using the contact form.

we will also help you in preparing feeds for your chickens or for sales. we give you the the price and kgs for laying birds,broiler,grower, Finisher and also for your catfish too.

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