9 Sep 2019

How to start a retail ecommerce free website for your business

Electronic commerce is now a hot new trend in Nigeria and Africa. Even Without the required funds to rent an office to start a business, many would be forced to setup home based businesses and start making their deliveries from there.

Starting an Ecommerce blog related to your business and target audience can’t be that hard. from farming business to products like toys, customized shirts,polos,gadgets and others. The local retail import/export business comprises of the people who manufacture locally for exports and local consumers , or that import from other countries for local consumers .

After creating your Ecommerce blog, you can then create a marketing plan that you can edit, share and update on social media sites like FacebookTwitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, etc to promote your business, products and services when you target your ads in your area. With various products, you can easily sign up on an online marketplace like KongaJumiajijiAmazondeal deyolx and several others to start selling your merchandise. You just need to identify a niche no one has really covered, get the items available on the marketplace for a good price, and you’re in business. your revenues would grow faster monthly and within a certain period; you could gradually grow your business to become a full time professional, owning your own e-commerce store with a lot of products to get anyone’s attention that visits your blog. This home based retail business is a great way for anyone aspiring to launch an independent online store to start from. With the right items, you can start selling on online marketplaces today.

I will guide you can set up a free blog like (www.minitoystore.blogspot.com )without knowing much on the web.

First you need to have a google account, and then go to www.blogger.com and login with your google account.

Fill in your blog name and your blog address, this will be the address name you want your blog to have e.g. (www.yourblogaddress.blogspot.com )and click next now choose a template and save.

Download this template…http://boutique-soratemplates.blogspot.com.ng/. you will use it for your blog template.

Back to your blog click on theme, then click on edit theme and highlight and delete all the html code there now open the html of the blog you downloaded and copy and paste it where you deleted the html code on your blog. Save and start posting and sharing your products.

If you want to personalize your downloaded blog theme. Contact us using our contact form.

Watch video of the full explanation on how to build your ecommerce blog for free

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