14 Sep 2019

Tapping wealth from cassava processing

Setting up a cassava processing plants is capital intensive, but you can choose the part you want to produce.

Starch processing

Adhesive manufacture
Used for case and carton sealing, plate gumming, gummed tape manufacture etc.

Food industry

Used as binder, stabilizer, custard, paste, pharmaceutical products, bakery products
Starch is used in the manufacture of glucose dextrose which has increased in recent years

Equipment for the production of starch

Grating machine, starch sedimentation vat slumy siffer, mechanical starch mash dewatering, siever, dryer, weighing scale, hydraulic press.  These are fabricated locally by our competent fabricators. See federal government RTEP, roots and tubers expansion programme initiative.

Cassava flour

Used for baking bread, meat pie, sausage rolls, biscuits, doughnut, etc.

Ethanol production from cassava

Used in pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing chemist, distillers, laboratories, hospitals, cosmetics and beverage industries. Also ethanol is used in the manufacture of acetic acid,diethylether,acetic anhydride, ethylene and acetone. It is equally used in the above enumerated industries in a wide range of products and Nigeria has great potential for the local production of ethanol.
Apart from cassava, ethanol can be produced from the following crops. Palm wine, sawdust, maize, potato, cotton linters, millet, sugar etc.

Fuel ethanol means ethanol with a purity percentage of 96% and above. Nigerians villages are ignorantly producing ethanol but prefer to swallow it whole. Ogogoro is a fine example of ethanol of 40 to 60% purity. Producing fuel ethanol from cassava is simple, it takes only three stages; fermentation; purification and distillation.

Some Other uses
As a blend auto mobile engine
As a blend in beverage spirit (brandy, whisky, wine.
As a base for perfume, vanish, creams and nail polish
For sterilization and medication in pharmaceuticals
As inter mediate in chemical manufacturing

As anti freeze in aerosol

Diagram for cassava processing

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