14 Sep 2019

Young Entrepreneurs and waste 2 wealth

Many people are ignorant of the fact that they can start their journey to economic self reliance by recycling waste. A lot of money could be made from various type of waste discarded here and there.

Waste is the unwanted by product of both human and be classified into industrial agriculture, animal , human and municipal.

When raw materials, either agriculture or mineral which man used his brain and energy , time and money todevelop for his convenience and continous existence are used whatisleft as waste is eithers solid,liquid orgaseousform.

They even make the environment unsafe for man continuos existence.

These waste can be controlled managed or recycled for the overall industrial development as well as creating wealth for those who can grab the opportunity.

Some of the products or production plants that depend on waste as raw materials include sand paper, egg/fruit tray, fertilizer aluminum,brushes,foot mat,newsprint,toiletroll,lubricant,shoulderpads,potash,ashtray,carbonblack,activatedcarbon,carbonblack,toothpick,hydratedlime,pencils,crayons,charcoal/sawdust,husks,rooftilles,ceilingboard,roofingsheets,particleboard,electricalparts,live stockfeed,buttonproduction,paperproduction,polishproduction,glueproduction,cand grease and many more.

Let’s look at some of the products to recycling.

Waterproof or polythene and plastic recycling, these waste can be recycled and used to produce candles, lubricants, grease oil, shoe polish etc.

  • Waste paper, wood waste, 
  • Shells used in animal feeds, construction , and fertilizer.
  • Bottles 
  • Animal wastes

Cow dung as a renewable source of energy supply has been proven to be very efficient will not serve only as a source of fuel but will help in the management of waste and waste and good and cheap alternative source of energy.

Biogas typically refers to as a gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen , it is a renewable energy source just like solar and wind energy, it is environmental friendly and neutral carbon iv oxide it is obtained by the anaerobic digestion of plant based organic waste materials.

These are abundant agricultural residues and municipal solid waste whose potentials are yet to be fully tapped for energy generation. The possibility of using such waste for biogas production should be explored which are problem faced in Nigeria like waste management and inadequacy of energy supply which greatly affects the living conditions of the citizens.

Energy production from waste is needful as it will serve as a purpose of cleaning the environment, providing cheap source of energy and Improving health conditions

Biogas plant can be built using materials which are locally available in Nigeria. Ignorance of these can lead to deforestation whereby people depend on solid fuel like wood for cooking and light needs.

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